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AliusDoc & MetaSource Announces AD-LegalDescription Solution for Mortgage Industry

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Waltham, MA. – AliusDoc, a provider of leading edge data capture software for the
financial market segment and MetaSource, MetaSource a provider of BPO/BPM services integrated
with content management, workflow solutions, jointly announces its AD-LegalDescription™ application

MetaSource, a technology-led BPO service provider, needed to identify the existence of proper Legal
Descriptions within mortgage documents for its clients. AD-LegalDescription automated the search and
analysis of the documents to verify the proper information quickly and cost effectively.

“AD-LegalDescription enabled MetaSource to build a complete audit process around verifying the
existence of Legal Descriptions within mortgage documents with a fraction of mortgage compliance
specialists, providing significant time and cost savings to our client,” said Grant Glasscock,
MetaSource’s Vice President, Implementations & Strategic Initiatives.

The solution involved the ability for a mortgage servicer to provide MetaSource with a list of loans that
required Legal Descriptions. The loans, stored on MetaSource’s MetaStor™ cloud-based enterprise
content management and workflow solution, are then submitted to the AD-LegalDescription application.

Mr. Glasscock added, “We were impressed how accurately the product is able to find legal descriptions
buried many pages into the documents, which even the mortgage specialists at first missed.”

The entire process is managed by the MetaStor workflow system which tracks each loan submitted to
the AD-LegalDescription system, sends the results back to the client or a 3rd party audit company, and
even provides a report detailing which loans where a Legal Description was successfully found and
which loans were deemed as having no Legal Description.

“MetaSource’s strong client focus and understanding of its client’s needs and business processes
provided a clear path to developing and delivering an optimal solution for the Mortgage industry,” said
Richard Caproni, AliusDoc’s Director of Strategy and Business Development.

Fatali Karimi, CEO of AliusDoc, noted that “automating such complex and time-consuming manual
tasks, drives down costs and accelerates the capture process for our customers, and their customers.
Using AD-SCI, AliusDoc’s core technology platform, we deliver solutions that automate the analysis of
complex, multi-page and unstructured documents. This allowed us to quickly deliver this solution to
MetaSource and its customers.”

About AliusDoc LLC
AliusDoc provides document imaging solutions, data capture and I/OCR technologies. AliusDoc
possesses extensive knowledge of forms processing applications within the horizontal marketplace as
well as specific vertical application expertise within the financial, healthcare, and government sectors.
More information and detail product brochures can be found at

About MetaSource
MetaSource is a provider of technology-led BPO/BPM services integrated with content management,
workflow solutions and customer experience processes through a network of SSAE 16 Type II
(formerly SAS 70) and PCI Level 3 facilities located in the US, India and China. MetaSource employs
over 800 people worldwide. More information can be found at


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