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Indexing complex documents with high-cost on-shore labor, and think OCR automation can’t help?

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Blog, Data Capture, Document Input, Indexing, Unstructured Data Capture

When you have simple, fixed layout (i.e. structured) documents, indexing is a simple task of looking at a few locations on a page, and data entering the contents. For simple tasks like this, there are many OCR solutions that can help automate document indexing. However, when your documents are complex (i.e. semi-structured or unstructured, with possibly many pages), the indexing task is more complex, using more highly skilled (i.e. costly) data entry staff to:

  • Locate the data by reading through multiple pages (for example, finding “shipped date” on a multi-page invoice).
  • Choose between multiple possible values for a single field, based on context (for example, picking the correct value for invoice number, each on a different page).
  • Key highly accurately, so the documents can be tracked and processed correctly and later accurately mined for strategic business information.

AliusDoc’s AD-SCI™ is designed specifically for indexing highly complex documents, with the following features:

  1. Locates data the same ways that skilled data entry staff do, so setting up the system is easy and intuitive.
  2. Captures all possible values for an index field across all pages. Keying staff can rapidly review the values to pick the correct one.
  3. Automate choosing the correct value by easily describing how your keying staff make the choice.
  4. Ensure highly accurate data by using OCR results as a “first pass” keyer, and/or adding business rules to validate the data.

AliusDoc is so sure our AD-SCI™ can handle your most complex, time-consuming, Indexing complex documents with high-cost on-shore labor, and think OCR automation can’t help and error-prone documents that we’ll prove it to you with a FREE Proof-of-Concept (POC). Just supply us some sample documents, and we’ll show you how easy and quick it is to get dramatically better results. For more information on this offer, you can call Fatali Karimi,  directly at (508) 816-3650, or email us.