The AliusDoc suite of apps helps you reduce the errors, costs, and complexity typically associated with document processing and data capture.

Capture Unstructured Data

Efficiently and cost-effectively sort, index, and capture data from practically any document.

Reduce Redundancies

Reallocate valuable accounts receivable specialists to revenue generating activity (revenue maximization).

Eliminate Errors

Avoid costly data capture errors that can negatively impact your business relationships.

Intelligent Data Capture

Through an industry-leading unstructured data capture and learning engine, AliusDoc Apps can capture data that was previously “un-capturable”, while nearly eliminating the need for human redundancies and resource-intensive technical support. Easy to use and maintain, our solutions simplify your data capture processes by eliminating the need for unwieldy document templates and costly adjustments for documents coming from multiple scanning sources.

Our Clients and Partners

AliusDoc can help you streamline the most common and the most complex document and data capture processes, including…



Automate the capture of EOB (Explanations of Benefits), while improving staff productivity.

Medical Claims Forms

Automate the classification and data capture from CMS 1500 and UB-04 claim forms with greater accuracy.

Unstructured Data

Automate the sorting, data capture, and indexing of even the most difficult to process documents.

“Key Software has been an EMC/ClaimPack user for over 15 years and took the opportunity to rigorously test the AD-MedClaims application in comparison. The final metric results proved that AD-MedClaims was superior in significantly improving our productivity and reducing our costs.”

Joe Aiwazian

President, KEY Software Inc.

Automate Data Capture and…

Intelligent & Accurate Throughput

Streamline the capture of data and documents while improving your cashflow.

Easy IT Integration and Customization

Our open-access API can integrate with virtually any platform on the market.

Auto-validated Data Capture

Eliminate false positives and capture more data, more accurately, without increasing human resources.

Will You Benefit from Improved Data Capture and Reduced Errors?

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