AliusDoc IBills

A Highly Efficient Itemized Claims Auditing Solution

Automate the capture of large itemized bills from hospitals and other institutional providers

Payers devote valuable human capital to review, record and negotiate the long list of charges on itemized medical bills (I-Bills) that detail UB 04 claims. AD-IBills™ uses pre-built validation rules and data lookup tables to deliver accurate, automated data capture from large itemized bills related to UB-04 medical claims.

Low Maintenance Due to Simple Configuration and Customization

Business rules pre-validate data, and the solution tracks data that is manually reviewed and confirmed to increase automated data validation on-the-fly.

Eliminate Errors and Increase Throughput

Eliminates data entry errors with automated validation rules and use of lookup tables and decreases time entering data by as much as 10 times.

No Templates with AliusDoc’s Intelligent Capture

Layouts are automatically detected in most cases, so no templates ever required.

AD-IBills Solution:

  • Automates capture of Itemized bills from hospitals and other institutional providers
  • Delivers greater accuracy via automatically validating data against a multitude of data checks and comparing against existing repository data
  • Provides exponential increase in data entry speed
  • Easily integrates with existing systems to make data available for review and analysis to guide future policy and payment decisions

Flexibly Captures Data Regardless of Layout

Itemized bills come in many layouts and are scanned in a decentralized environment. AD-IBills captures the data regardless of:

  • Style and format of data (e.g. service date in mmddyy, mm/dd/ccyy or other styles)
  • The order of the data items in rows or columns
  • Whether or not optional data items are missing on a row
  • Image skewing and other scanner differences
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AD-IBills Info Sheet

Learn how you can automate the capture of Itemized bills from hospitals and other institutional providers with AD-IBills in this fully-detailed information sheet.

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“After spending months working with the more well known names in the capture business, we quickly recognized the advantages of AliusDoc’s solution. Thanks to their highly experienced and responsive team, AD-I-Bills was implemented quickly and with great results.”

Todd Hill

CEO - ARC Review Systems