AliusDoc MedClaims

The Next Generation in Automated Medical Claims Data Capture

Automate CMS 1500 and UB-04 claim forms classification and data capture.

AD-MedClaims™ automates the classification and data capture from CMS 1500 and UB-04 claim forms with far greater accuracy and throughput.

One integrated solution seamlessly handles both the 2005 and 2012 versions of the CMS 1500. AD-MedClaims is unmatched in its ability to process the standard red versions of each form as well as black versions of each form\ (i.e. Photocopied, laser printed or PDF, etc.), with or without supporting attachments. This module also includes various built-in business rules to specific data elements on each form type to improve field recognition accuracy with a much higher return on your investment than other claim processing applications on the market.

Unmatched Throughput and Accuracy

Increase throughput and eliminate error with extensive pre-packaged business auto-validation rules removing the need for keyer review of most fields.

Achieve Immediate ROI

Start savings immediately with SaaS pricing, or save even more with traditional capital purchase.

No Templates

Get better OCR and capture results from photocopied and faxed claims.

Other Advantages of AD-MedClaims Include:

  • Unstructured capture approach eliminates the need for precise registration or excessive, on-going tuning to accommodate horizontal or vertical print variations
  • Quick deployment handling field zone tolerances
  • Secondary OCR reads are performed on fields which significantly improves data accuracy
  • Flexible pricing structures including “price per claim”
  • Optional modules are available to support a service model featuring a secure virtual workforce for manual data entry and correction
  • Utilize the data entry interface of your choice or use the AliusDoc Verifier Module for data entry and correction
  • Designed to deal with issues typically associated with OCR capture of black or photo-copied claims
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“Key Software has been an EMC/ClaimPack user for over 15 years and took the opportunity to rigorously test the AD-MedClaims application in comparison.  The final metric results proved that AD-MedClaims was superior in significantly improving our productivity and reducing our costs.”

Joe Aiwazian

President - KEY Software Inc.