Companies We Have Built Relationships With

AliusDoc has partnered with some of the top industry leaders to deliver powerful and efficient document processing and data capture solutions.


MetaSource is a technology driven provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) / Business Process Management (BPM) services integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and workflow solutions and customer experience processes to meet our clients’ goals and objectives.


Auditing large healthcare bills has for years remained a resource-intensive process – often taking hours, or even days to complete a single bill review. The complexity inherent in our healthcare system makes large claim auditing time-consuming, subjective and exceedingly manual. The need for a better solution was an obvious one and ClaimLogiq was founded to answer the challenge.

Our proprietary applications have been developed to:

  • Make an extremely complicated process much more manageable
  • Solve the problems of consistency and accuracy
  • Control the operational costs associated with the claim audit process

Bottom line – we are in business to simplify your large claim auditing process.

aliusdoc_logo-5Key Software Inc.

Since 1986 Key Software has been helping the business community stay up to speed with the advances of computer technology. We specialize in:

  • Healthcare& EZ-CAP® Solutions
  • Records Management Products
  • Document Services
  • Consulting and Needs Analysis

context4healthcare-logoContext4 Healthcare, Inc.

Context4 Healthcare, Inc. is an industry leader in developing healthcare compliance solutions that impact tens of millions of lives globally. Context’s innovative solutions and leading-edge technology are utilized by healthcare payers, heath systems, and integrated partners to mitigate the challenges currently faced by the healthcare industry.


Orbograph, a subsidiary of Orbotech, is a premier developer and supplier of Intelligent Payment Automation, including recognition software for the U.S. check and lockbox processing markets, and electronic/paper automation solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Over 1,600 financial institutions, service bureaus, clearinghouses and billers rely on Orbograph technology to process billions of checks and claims annually.

Orbograph’s cloud-based Healthcare Payments Automation Center (HPAC) streamlines healthcare payments by converting paper-based EOBs, correspondence and patient payments. HPAC automates straight-through processing by posting of receivables into patient management systems and hospital information systems.


Solutions for the Real World

We are dedicated to taking on and solving the tough real world data capture problems others can’t or won’t.

Unsurpassed Knowledge

We provide our products with the right set of easy to use features needed to efficiently sort, index, and capture your document data.


Unstructured Data Capture Approach

Vastly simplifies applications by eliminating the need for templates, and costly adjustments for documents coming from multiple scanning sources.

“In 2005, Captiva’s development team located in Waltham, MA, had some of the most talented and experienced OCR engineers in the entire country, including Paul Traite and Fatali Karimi, founders of AliusDoc, LLC in Waltham. So far as I know, they are the only engineers familiar with the undocumented features of Captiva’s recognition software.”
Arthur Gingrande

Founding Partner - IMERGE Consulting