AliusDoc ImageRedactor

Manual and Automated Image Redaction Simplified and Expedited

Automate the finding and redaction of data within your document images

Redacting sensitive data from your images is fast and easy with AD-ImageRedactor™. Redaction can be done manually, or automatically.

Auto-Redact or Apply Manually with a Mouse

AD-ImageRedactor is powerful and flexible, allowing you to easily configure the process to meet your needs. Auto-redact selected fields from virtually any document.

Redact Original or Create Redacted Copy

Optionally retain the full original for restricted access, while providing the redacted version for open access.

Easy Integration

Simple command-line interface can integrate with virtually any workflow and platform on the market, making routing original documents and creating redacted copies quick and easy.

AD-ImageRedactor Solution:

  • Images can be permanently redacted, or made only to a copy.
  • Images can be redacted one at a time, or in batches.
  • Redact any number of areas on an image.

Intuitive Manual Redaction

Manual redaction is quick and easy with AD-ImageRedactor.

  • Rotate upside-down or sideways images.
  • Select fill style for redacted areas.
  • Simply draw a box around the areas to redact.
  • Optionally produce a summary report of areas redacted on each image.

Fast Automated Redaction

Automated redaction easily integrates with production-level document capture systems.

  • Pre-determined areas to be redacted can be input for each image.
  • Operators can review and adjust regions before redaction.
  • All options can be pre-selected via parameters.
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AD-ImageRedactor Info

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