AliusDoc SCI

The Next Generation in Automated, Recognition-Based Data Capture

Capture Data from Any Type of Document

AD-SCI™ allows you to automatically Identify documents (even complex, unstructured documents), capture and auto-validate data, and efficiently review un-validated data by your keying staff.

Easily Configurable

Configuration and validation rules can be set up by non-IT staff, such as business analysts. Easy to use extensions allow IT to provide advanced business rules, if required.

No Templates

No separate layout descriptions are needed for each document provider, since AD-SCI lets you describe what fields to look for and how to find them.

Highly Scalable

Handle small jobs as well as large volume transactions with one highly scalable solution.

Documents come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and layouts. No matter how simple or complex, AD-SCI accurately identifies and extracts data from your documents. AD-SCI was specifically designed to handle complex documents, including:

  • Unstructured documents (such as business letters, etc.)
  • Multiple page documents (and single ones, too)
  • Documents that have missing or additional pages (and fixed length ones, too)
  • Semi-structured and structured Documents
  • Documents that are stretched, shrunk, or skewed during submission or scanning.

In addition to being able to handle practically any document type, AD-SCI doesn’t require document separator pages, additionally reducing your workload associated with such.

Capture Data from ALL Types of Data Fields

Data can appear in your documents filled out by machine or by hand. While this complexity can cause confusion for some data capture solutions — AD-SCI was built for it. AD-SCI automatically captures data from all types of document fields, including:

  • Printed in multiple formats
  • Printed in varying locations
  • Machine printed data
  • Hand written data
  • Bar code printed data
  • Mark sense (check Boxes)
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“AliusDoc’s knowledge of forms processing and the unstructured design approach of their product proved to be consistently reliable when generating very accurate image snippets for vCapture. The integration was a mutually inclusive education process of each others’ architecture in order to maximize the benefits for all data capture applications and markets for our customers.”

Mark Mann

Senior Sales Engineer - Virtual Solutions