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Are you a Hospital or BPO keying medical EOBs, and think OCR solutions can’t cost-effectively speed up processing?

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Blog, Data Capture, EOB, Unstructured Data Capture

Keying in EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) is a very costly and time-consuming part of reconciling received insurance payments. While more EOBs are being replaced by digital formats that need no keying, significant costs for processing non-digital formats still remain. For patients with dual insurance coverage, properly finding, copying, and redacting EOB pages to attach to secondary billing can be as time-consuming as the original data entry.

A proper automated OCR EOB solution can:

  1. Significantly speed up data entry, to reduce keying staff costs.
  2. Get you ready to send out secondary bills faster, to get paid faster.
  3. Significantly speed up preparation of primary EOB attachments for secondary billing, to reduce accounts payable staff costs.

AliusDoc’s AD-EOB™ is designed specifically for the capture and automated validation of EOB data, and preparation of secondary billings.

  1. Built-in rules perform math cross-checks to ensure accuracy and eliminate keying on many
  2. EOB images are automatically created with just a single patient’s data, so you can simply print it out for 2ndary billing attachment.
  3. Built-in rules can use, if available, original claim data to perform even more cross-checks to
    eliminate even more keying

Our pay-as-you-go (SaaS) pricing model allows AD-EOB™ to start saving you money and time immediately with a minimal upfront investment. Alternatively, traditional capital purchase can provide you even greater long-term savings.

AliusDoc is so sure our AD-EOB™ can handle your EOB documents that we’ll prove it to you with a FREE Proof-of-Concept (POC). Just supply us some sample documents, and we’ll show you how easy and quick it is to get dramatically better results.

For more information on this offer, you can call Fatali Karimi directly at (508) 816-3650, or email us.