AliusDoc EOB

A Highly Efficient Capture and Secondary Billing Solution

Capture EOBs and accompanying payment-related documents.

Paper EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), patient payments and related documentation are very costly to reconcile with billing, and also involve a great deal of manual handling when sending out secondary billing. AD-EOB A/R™ uses initial claim information along with patient, provider, and payer databases to accurately automate the capture of remittance advice from EOBs and accompanying payment-related documents.

Minimal IT Involvement Required

Easy to create profiles and auto-learning means AD-EOB A/R continually improves itself with help from users to handle the vast, complex and diverse spectrum of EOB layouts from all payers.

Minimal Review of Data Required

Payer, Provider, Patient, and claim details auto-captured and auto-validated, meaning most fields need no keyer review.

Images for Secondary Billing

Generates re-composed single-patient images of the EOB data for secondary billing.

AliusDoc EOB solution:

  • Automatically captures EOB data
  • Helps to quickly and easily sort and process different forms of payments and related documents
  • Reconcile EOB data with your billing system
  • Generates re-composed single-patient images of the EOB data for secondary billing
  • Handles multiple EOBs and other documents in one image file
  • Indexes and routes EOBs and payment documents from plans and patients
Flexibly and Accurately Finds and Captures Plan and Patient Information

Designed to capture all required patient, plan, provider, and service advice and easily configurable to skip any unnecessary fields.

Facilitates Quick and Easy Sorting, Processing and Routing of Different Payment Types and Related Documents

Drop down menus and automatic ID of different documents types helps guide each document into the appropriate capture workflow to capture only the data you need from each document index the document for routing into your document management system.

Validates Against Your Billing System

Captured data can be validated against your Billing system. Only non-matching data is presented for manual review.

Makes Secondary Billing HIPPA-compliant

Automatically generate single-patient images from EOB pages containing multiple patients per page. These single-patient images can then be faxed or mailed for secondary billing, without costly manual photocopying and redaction of other patients’ information.

Handles Multiple EOBs and Other Documents in One Image File

Many care providers are already used to the practice of just scanning all their payment documents into one file and sending it for processing. AD-EOB A/R has time-saving tools to help quickly and accurately sort, process and index the various payment and related documents that are mixed in with the EOBs.

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AD-EOB A/R Info Sheet

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