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AliusDoc Announces AD-SCI™ addition of FormWare™ Quick Start Import

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Waltham, MA. – AliusDoc, a provider of leading-edge data capture software,
announces its AD-SCI™ solution now supports a Quick Start Import™ for EMC’s FormWare form
definitions. The enhancement adds to AD-SCI’s existing functionalities of automated document ID,
automated OCR-based indexing and capture, and key from image data capture.

In response to customer requests, AD-SCI’s Definer module has been enhanced to import many of the
FormWare form settings, allowing rapid conversion from FormWare to AD-SCI.

“With EMC/Captiva’s FormWare™ product approaching its end of life stage, our customers have stated
that they have a large investment in form definitions under FormWare, which they want to continue
using, instead of re-implementing from scratch. Now AliusDoc’s AD-SCI customers can use our Quick
Start Import™ to save significant time and IT resources in making the transition,” said Fatali Karimi,
CEO of AliusDoc. He continued, “For larger customers with multiple projects and documents, the
savings can add up to months of effort”.

“Because EMC’s FormWare product was so successful for so long, there are many installations which
are still using it for critical line-of-business processing. With its end-of-life (EOL), users have been
faced with expensive and time-consuming complete re-implementations. While in some cases limited
post-EOL support may be available, the limitations and high cost have made this unattractive to many
users. This natural extension to our Definer module allows organizations to migrate to AD-SCI with
significantly less IT resources.” added Paul Traite, AliusDoc’s CTO.

About AliusDoc LLC
AliusDoc provides document imaging solutions, data capture and I/OCR technologies. AliusDoc
possesses extensive knowledge of forms processing applications within the horizontal marketplace as
well as specific vertical application expertise within the financial, healthcare, and government sectors.
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