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Improve your document processing and data capture capabilities, and maximize your investment with our expert support, consulting and training.

You want to scale your business, eliminate cost and errors, all while delivering the best possible service to your clients. We’ll work with you to create the most beneficial document processing and data capture solution for your particular challenges.

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Third-Party Services

Whether you’re implementing our complete suite of apps, levering a single install, or struggling with a third-party solution, our experienced consulting and development team will help you find the optimal solution.

As the original engineers of Captiva’s FormWare recognition, business rules, form ID, and enhancement modules, we have decades of combined experience in data capture and document processing consulting—particularly in developing and optimizing FormWare.

While we’ve tapped into this expertise to develop the latest and most powerful intelligent data capture software with AliusDoc, many of our clients still rely on us to help them implement and optimize their usage of automated forms data capture solutions from other vendors.

AliusDoc Specialized Services


  • servicesBest practices in Forms Design for automated data capture.
  • Advanced topics in optimizing your existing capture systems.


  • Maximizing data capture results.
  • Conversions from other products.
  • Interfacing between different capture platforms.
  • Long-term technical support.

General Services:

  • Training on selecting and understanding automated intelligent forms processing solutions.
  • Real world IT staff and management write document capture RFPs, evaluate vendor presentations and proposals, and implement systems.
  • Gaining a solid understanding of state of the art technology, independent vendors, as well as specific products is a huge asset to such employees.
  • Short term consulting and mentoring.
  • Real world capture systems require modifications – document sets change, layouts change, capture needs change, business logic changes, and the demand for increasing efficiencies are continuous.
  • Real world IT departments need expertise to handle these critical, yet sporadic changes, without the cost of maintaining full-time staff expertise.
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