AliusDoc SumsExpert

Dramatically Reduce ICR/OCR Validation Costs on Financial Documents

Reduce or eliminate the most common types of manual data entry in almost any system

AD-SumsExpert™ SDK dramatically decreases costs of ICR/OCR errors on financial documents like tax forms, invoices, spreadsheets, and other documents with financial data.

Easily Add to Your Current Data Capture and Keying Solutions

Simple API allows you to add AD-SumsExpert to virtually any solution in a matter of hours. Just provide the fields’ captured or typed data, and get back auto-corrected fields, or flagged characters and fields.

Auto-Corrects Most Single Character ICR/OCR Errors

The days of chasing down those few typos or character recognition errors that throw everything out of balance are over.

Review ONLY the Few Characters and Fields with Errors

No more reviewing a large set of fields – just focus on the few fields which might contain the out-of-balance error.

AD-SumsExpert Reduces 3 Types of Manual Data Entry:

  • Fewer sets of fields are forced to data entry just because of a single character error.
  • When a set of fields still can’t be validated or corrected, fewer “low confidence” characters are forced to data entry.
  • Fewer sets of fields wrongly skip manual validation, even if they seem valid.

AD-SumsExpert can be Easily Used by ANY Existing ICR/OCR System

  • AD-SumsExpert uses your business logic to automatically correct errors in ICR (and OCR/machine print) fields.
  • Any system that allows you to write business rules and uses .NET, an external Windows DLL or OCX can use AD-SumsExpert.
  • A Quick-start kit is available for EMC’s (formally Captiva’s) FormWare product.
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