Powerful, Efficient Document Processing Software

Reduce or eliminate the complexity, errors, and costs associated with document processing and data capture.

Whether your document processing and data capture challenges are simple or complex, AliusDoc’s suite of industry-leading intelligent apps can help you solve them.

You need a platform of document processing and data capture solutions that can address virtually any kind of document (from EOBs to email, from UB04 claims to itemized bills from hospitals), in almost any scenario, while keeping your team (Medical Billing Specialists and IT), free to do their jobs.

The AliusDoc suite of apps eliminates human redundancies and resource-intensive technical support. With our near-immediate production capability, you can streamline your document processing and data capture processes through a comprehensive set of solutions—or a single solution for a specific challenge.

Easy Integration

Install and be up and running in production in a matter of days with AliusDoc’s pre-built solutions and easy to use integration points.

Scale Your Practice

Double or even triple processing volumes with no increase in data entry personnel.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate costly errors while reducing required data entry personnel.

Data Capture Solutions

Capture ANY type of document.

allows you to automatically Identify scidocuments (even complex, unstructured documents), capture and auto-validate data, and efficiently review un-validated data by your keying staff.

Sort and index ANY mail document.

sci-mailAD-SCI Mail provides a complete solution that saves time and money sorting and indexing your incoming mail documents.

Automate CMS 1500 and UB-04 data capture.

medclaimsAD-MedClaims delivers greater throughput and accuracy, eliminates templates, and is designed in the .NET architecture with pre-built business rules and logic for simple implementation and customization.

Capture EOBs and other documents.

eobAD-EOB A/R significantly reduces the costly burden of capturing remittance advice from EOBs (Explanation of Benefits), patient payments and related documentation to reconcile with billing, and also involve a great deal of manual handling when sending out secondary billing.

Capture large itemized hospital bills.

IbillsAD-IBills payers devote valuable human capital to review, record and negotiate the long list of charges on itemized medical bills (I-Bills) that detail UB 04 claims.

Capture Data from W-2s.

IbillsAD-W2 captures and validates W-2 data simply and easily with AliusDoc’s unique methodology that eliminates templates, uses multiple verification methods that maximize automation and accuracy, and includes open interfaces for easy integration into your existing systems.

Redact Sensitive Data from your documents.

imageredactorAD-ImageRedactor simplifies and expedites manual and automated Image Redaction.

Capture and validate data from financial documents.

sums-expertAD-SumsExpert ensures accurate conversion of financial documents by checking figures with math cross checks and customized business rules.

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“The AliusDoc knowledge of claims processing is evident in the AD-MedClaims product they have developed. This is a leading edge application and a viable alternative to any other claims processing application on the market today.”

Joe Aiwazian

President - KEY Software Inc.