AliusDoc W2

A Complete Solution for Capturing and Validating W-2 Data

Automate the capture of data from W-2s, regardless of format.

Capture and validate W-2 data simply and easily with AliusDoc’s unique methodology that eliminates templates, maximizes automation and accuracy using multiple verification methods, and includes open interfaces for easy integration into your existing systems.

No Templates with AliusDoc’s Intelligent Capture

AliusDoc’s unique Intelligent FieldFinder™ approach makes the days of document templates obsolete, no matter how the fields are organized on a W-2 document, AD-W2 will find the data.

Auto-Learning Means AD-W2 Grows With your Business

Business rules pre-validate data, and AD-W2 tracks data that is manually reviewed and confirmed to increase automated data validation on-the-fly.

Fast and Accurate

Eliminate data entry errors and decrease time to capture data by several times, reducing redundancies and freeing up time for your staff to focus on better serving your customers and growing your business.

AD-W2 Solution Captures and Validates W-2 Data Simply and Easily

  • Our unique template-less processing needs no costly and time-consuming customization for each different size, shape, or layout.
  • Pre-packaged business rules ensure financial fields are accurate.
  • Pre-built database rules cross-check critical data against existing employer and taxpayer information.
  • Standard XML output and easily configured Exporter provides flexible connections to legacy systems.
  • Use our highly efficient Verifier module to validate and correct data, or input directly to your existing system.
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AD-W2 Info Sheet

Learn how you can capture and validate W-2 data simply and easily with AD-W2 in this fully-detailed information sheet.

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