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AliusDoc Announces latest upgrade to the AD-SCI™ solution

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AliusDoc, a provider of leading-edge data capture software, announces the latest upgrade to the AD-SCI™ solution, its platform for automated document sorting, indexing, and data extraction.

WALTHAM, MA (PRWEB) – This major release of AD-SCI™ includes multiple new features, as well as improves on the overall accuracy, ease of installation, setup, integration, and speed of operations.

“Many of these features are a direct result of suggestions from customers.” said Paul Traite, AliusDoc’s CTO. “Customers have the best view of those features, which help to quickly go from idea to high accuracy production. By listening and responding to these needs, AliusDoc delivers the most meaningful features in the most efficient way.”

These new features include:

  • New built-in business rules – math cross-checks, multi-field lookups, …
  • More digital document types – handles spreadsheets, MS-Word documents, PDFs, full-color and grayscale images in a variety of formats
  • Direct integration with Content Management Systems – allows AD-SCI to directly query for documents needing to be processed
  • Supports split workflows – specially designed for BPOs where keying is done in remote site(s)
  • Quick Start Imports – accelerates project and document setup by importing your existing information directly into AD-SCI.
  • Key from paper – allows even small sites and “one off” situations to use the common data entry and downstream processing solution used for digital documents

Along with the new features are a number of major improvements that deliver even greater performance. “AliusDoc is always striving to improve AD-SCI’s core functionality, whether it’s small incremental improvements or more significant ones that have a large impact on accuracy and throughput” said Fatali Karimi, AliusDoc’s CEO. “We don’t believe in the concept of ‘good enough’ – there is always something that can be done to bring new documents into production faster and easier, with less IT staff effort.”

The latest major performance improvements include:

  • Improved accuracy – better full page OCR, better dynamic image cleanup, and 2nd-pass OCR combine to give better field data auto-extraction, even from noisy and poor quality images
  • Enhanced Workflow Wizard – more options allow even advanced workflows to be set up in minutes
  • Faster processing – from keying to system administration and back-room workflow, faster processing means a better user experience with less time waiting and less system resources wasted
  • Enriched support for advanced customization – more ways to interact with workflow steps while they are processing, from examining auto-extracted data before it’s assigned to a field, to selecting one of multiple field data candidates, to advanced programming of business logic. All supported with an expanded toolbox of pre-packaged functions.

“These new features and improvements are in addition to AD-SCI’s previous set of rich functionality for processing unstructured, semi-structured, and structured documents. As part of AD-SCI, these features are also included in all of AliusDoc’s vertical solutions,” added Rich Caproni, Director of Strategy and Business Development.

About AliusDoc LLC
AliusDoc provides document imaging solutions, data capture and I/OCR technologies. AliusDoc possesses extensive knowledge of forms processing applications within the horizontal marketplace as well as specific vertical application expertise within the financial, healthcare, and government sectors. More information and detail product brochures can be found at

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