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Feeling trapped in the black hole of outdated OCR capture software, but do not have the capital investment $$$ to make a move?

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Blog, Data Capture, Indexing, Unstructured Data Capture

OCR capture product offerings have changed dramatically over the last few years, solving complex capture problems that simply couldn’t have been done before. However, most (but not all) vendors require large up-front commitments on the promise that they are “new and improved”. Funding this large up-front investment while maintaining a long transition from your existing system, can’t be done with today’s highly competitive market and thin margins.

Organizations decide they need an updated solution for a variety of reasons. Besides automating more (up to now manual) indexing/keying applications, other reasons may be:

  • The current solution is being explicitly phased out by the vendor
  • Lack of useful and timely support, or no upgrades and enhancements forthcoming (it’s likely the vendor is silently phasing out the product)
  • Vendor product pricing or annual maintenance is not responsive to product usage
  • Vendor starts requiring significantly more expensive “extended maintenance” (it’s likely the vendor is selling less of the product, wants to maintain product’s profit-center margins, and expects existing “locked in” customers to have no choice).

AliusDoc is a new breed of company answering both the need for better solutions, and the need for innovative ways to implement the solution with limited available capital investment. AliusDoc’s AD-SCI™ automates far more indexing/keying tasks than other solutions, with a focus on finding indices and field data from hard to search semi- and un-structured documents. And because AD-SCI was designed from the ground up with system integration in mind, it has one of the most flexible and quickly usable interfaces for merging into your existing systems, without lots of costly vendor professional services.

And, AliusDoc also provides flexible pricing. Our pay-as-you-go (SaaS) pricing model allows AD-SCI™ to start saving you money and time immediately with a minimal upfront investment. And of course, you can convert to traditional capital purchase to provide even greater long-term savings.

AliusDoc is so sure our AD-SCI™ can handle your most complex documents that we’ll prove it to you with a FREE Proof-of-Concept (POC). Just supply us some sample documents, and we’ll show you how easy and quick it is to get dramatically better results.

For more information on this offer, you can call Rich Caproni, AliusDoc’s Director of Strategic and Business Development directly at (781) 774-0928, or email us.